Before the end of Radio Stad The Hague, Rob Reutel’s plan was to create a second station, this would be a pop-station called Radio Balans.                    The jingle package came from Herman van Velsen.          Radio Stad never realized this, so this jingle package was released. At that time i was friends with Edwin the brother of Rob Reutel.

     Edwin en Rob.

One autumm evening in 1988, Edwin came to visit me, then took out a cassette-tape and asked me to listen to it, i heard the jingle package of Radio Balans. I remember that i immediately fell in love with these jingles. That evening we philosophized about how we would get Radio Balans on air. We soon came up with the plan. I had a spare room in my house on the Max-Havelaarstreet, which became the recordingstudio, Edwin had all the equipment for it, shortly afterwards the room was converted into a professional studio. After that i started building the transmitters, these were about 35 watts, in the time we bought a number of double auto-reverse cassette players. Then Edwin arranged an appointment with an old advertiser of Radio Stad. That was Frans Scheffer of the American Stockhouse located on the Fijnjekade in The Hague, the first and second floors were emty, we were allowed to use these as a broadcasting address, then Edwin and i bought the old Radio Stad broadcasting mast, placed there with a round-beam antenna in it, i had concealed the antenna-cable and came out on the first floor behind the stairs, where i had made a space to place the transmitter. From the transmitter i had a long modulation-cable down hidden away, where the auto-reverse player used to be. It was now the end of January, we had everything ready so far. A number of old Radio Stad discjockeys ( including Jurgen van/der Meer better known as DJ Jurgen) had recorded 120 minutes of tapes programs on Bass F.

         Jurgen van/der Meer

So the non-stop tapes were also ready. I had tested the transmitter at the transmitter location. We started in mid- February 1989 with six advertisers, a few weeks later there would be more. We had the goal as a weekend-station to play popular music from the 80′, the first weekend was a success, until the station was seized on Saturday evening in the second weekend. The following weekend we connected our reverse transmitter to the Fijnjekade. We were airborne again, that went well for two weeks, and then we were taken off the air for the second time. The following weekend we set up another channel survived the weekend. A few days after the weekend we were told by a number of advertisers that they would stop advertising because they had a visit from the well-known gentlemen, an investigation had also been started on us. This meant that Radio Balans had only been on the air for six weeks, it was a short, beautiful adventure.